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Hire Protection – English



The private investigation, is another point of interest that is related to the safety and the protection sector, as may be required in certain cases a collection of information that can be expressed by a private or from a company. We can provide the best investigative study on the whole national territory and closer to you, thanks to a close collaboration continues with reliability and professionalism of this branch, where confidentiality and ethics is always guaranteed. In addition the country can also be of help in foreign territory, as we have identified and selected partners that guarantee high quality and continuous services.


– Marital Infidelity.
– Missing Persons
– Asset Investigations
– Environmental Remediation
– Penalty
– Legacy Asset
– Parental Control
– Against shadowing.



Security & Guard:


The purpose of using a security operator, is the need to protect a heritage that it is private or public, and to ensure the tranquility of the people in the industry you are employed.
In addition the importance in particular of a well-prepared security operator should never take a back seat, as it depends on him, the result of several critical situations.

The SQUAD through the field of Security & Guard provides a security and surveillance service for small and large events, collaborating with agencies and institutions providing qualified personnel and logistics support, provides training to all operators that intend to operate in the sector

The SQUAD deals with private investigations for both family law and commercial law is, chart using the best equipment and systems adopted in the investigation.


– Service Events Control Monitoring
– Drones Security Service
– Welcoming service
– Security service Internal / External
– Fixed guarding service
– Porter service
– Service Door Selection
– Investigative service
– unarmed Surveillance
– Facilities Security Guard Army
– Video surveillance service.
– Service Asset and Environmental
– Inflow and outflow Service
– Fire Brigade and First Aid
– Service Dog K9 Security

Close Protection


The Squad Close Protection Service, is a pick-up service and close protection, commonly known as Bodyguard, which for years it proposes to politicians, religious and non-governmental, presidents of international organizations, directors, delegates and entrepreneurs to multinational companies, in the entertainment and movie celebrities and famous faces of sports, to travel for pleasure or business in national or foreign territory.

The Close Protection services come carried out by operators who have followed a training process, aware of the proper procedures for first aid, self defense and safe evacuation from open and closed environments, in impeccable bon ton, good knowledge of foreign languages and familiarity with technological devices.

We are able to provide CP officer both male and female, according to the requirements.

This service can be done for any type of reasoning required, and a schedule is made according to it. within the laws and security. The number of agents are inserted according to the type of person and motivation, the availability can be given for a short period for a few hours or days, up to a request for a long period for some months or years.
Availability is per the traits of local and national short navigation, both for a long voyage in foreign territory.

The SQUAD CLOSE PROTECTION service is required by those who are motivated by professional, cultural and social. The SQUAD is equipped with means and tools that make effective the proposed service The officers (agents) Close Protection receive a long training process before it can become operational.


The protection of entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, etc…
The protection of Characters of entertainment and sports etc…
The protection of victims of threats and attack .etc…
The protection of people for meetings and sensitive events etc…
The protection of political figures, religious and humanitarian etc..
The protection of families and groups of persons.


It provides for the travel and living services:
– National and International Airports
– Hotel 5 stars
– Luxury Cars
– Yachts and Yachts
– Private Jet


Special Operation Protection


The figure PSD, is an articulated figure and is the result of extensive training and experience in the field.
This service is carried out by a team of specialized operators that perform particular close protection procedures in non-permissive territories, in order to ensure safety to the customer or organization for which lend themselves to operate. The SQUAD is able to carry out this activity through active collaboration with some of the most successful companies and provides a wide range of demand.

specialoperations2 specialoperations


Maritime Private Security


The maritime private security service, is a procedure of protection and protection of marine environments and the like, both in its nature and is in the protection of persons and things to which it is linked, it may be from the islands, platforms, ports and ships.
The SQUAD provides for this kind of personal service well selected, trained and updated with the right knowledge and techniques. The SQUAD endeavor of equipment and sensitive and productive garments, in order to achieve an effective protection service. The SQUAD uses valid authorized bodies to the operating system with operators belonging to SQUAD


Security Service Merchant Ships.
Service Safety Cruise Ships.
Private Security Service vessels.
Security service Ports Merchant.
Security Service Marinas.
Platform Security Services.
Security service Landings immigration.
Security Service artificial natural Islands.
Security Service Dams.
Security service Rivers, lakes.
Security service marine seabed.
Service Safety Bathing facilities.



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