Become a part of Tactical Training

Tactical Training from offers a variety of tactical training worldwide.

Since its inception, has positioned itself as a leader in tactical training area from its constantly updated presence, dynamism and success of their proposals.

The growing participation of fans and colleagues inside and outside Uruguay, listen to their demands and needs, it has inspired us to launch the program TACTICAL TRAINING.

With the integrated network TACTICAL TRAINING we offer a meeting point for world class tactical training for both professionals and amateurs where you can find quality information and specialized courses to be issued in different countries.

Academies, instructors and strategic allies offer specialized courses to civilians, military, police, security agents, or anyone who is suitable for training through our extensive contacts qualified platform where they promoted the same increasing exposure and number of entries.

It is a win-win proposal where academies and instructors who can access thousands of potential participants to their training in an easy to navigate daily updated site.



  • Instructor or Academy requested to join the TACTICAL TRAINING program at no charge.
  • Once the application is approved, integrates you as Strategic Partner
  • Allied sends details of the course / event to promote a minimum of 7 days prior to the date of the same
  • designs and launches promotion to capture interested in the target area of the course
  • The promotion includes a registration form online which strategic ally can access the real-time file to view possible participants
  • Enabled payment methods depend on the country.



  • deals with the design of campaign ads, graphics and advertising charges, no cost to the Allied
  • also deals with questions and respond to potential stakeholders.
  • The Strategic Ally pays 20% of the cost of the course participants who have registered on the site and participated effectively

If you want to become a strategic ally of … please contact us .

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